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One of the first things that you probably picked up while learning to drive was the importance of smooth driving. Not just for your own safety and wellbeing on the road, but to preserve the mechanical integrity of the vehicle. While some might dismiss this as an overreaction, bordering on unnecessary caution, the reality is that the way you drive does affect the life of your car.

With that, not only do you introduce the increased likelihood of unnecessary expenses to repair your car, but it will also depreciate at a quicker rate, putting you on track for a replacement sooner than you otherwise might have wanted. Before you make the same mistake in dismissing this facet of car ownership, here are some of the worst habits that will leave you paying off a car loan for a vehicle that holds a fraction of its original value.


Overlooking those lights on the dash

Those lights on the dash can be a source of dread. Your heart may fall into your stomach as you come to grips with the unpleasant sight and anxieties of a potentially costly problem. However, it’s important you give your absolute attention to whatever comes up on your dash. These lights will often point to the source of a problem, sometimes before it occurs. They’ll also serve as a reminder for your scheduled service. Unless you want to expose your car to unnecessary risk, obey those lights, they’re not there for decoration!


Missing your scheduled service

We get it, sometimes money can be tight, and a scheduled service just comes around at the wrong time. However, if this is the case, minimise use of your car until you can get it booked in for service. While a service might be a preventative measure, it is about being proactive. You want to identify any wear or deterioration before it gets to the point of being a problem. The longer you leave this, then the more risk there is of causing damage to the vehicle.


Overdoing the engine

The focal point of the entire car, the engine is central to everything. Should you find yourself unfortunate enough to do damage to the engine, repairs are not going to be cheap. In fact, repair costs could easily start to accumulate and you may begin to question whether it’s worth looking for a new car. To prevent overdoing the engine, avoid revving it before it has warmed up, since oil has not yet sufficiently lubricated the engine and you may put unwelcome strain on it. Another thing to consider is your driving style, where you should refrain from any sort of thrashing of the gearbox and engine.


Riding the brakes

If you’re looking for any single way to introduce excessive wear and tear into your car, it would be hard to go past the phenomenon of riding the brakes. Not only will this burn the brake pads, but the discs are also susceptible to unwelcome damage. The issue is most evident when riding the brakes downhill. This is because heat continues to build up, as opposed to isolated moments of light braking which allows the pads and discs to cool down.


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