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A lot of people who want to start their own businesses look at cleaning services and starting their own contracting service. After all, if there is one thing that can be assured, there is always a demand for cleaning services. In fact, quite often various operators started off small but went on to create large companies that tackle big jobs around the city.


Making the Transition

However, the opposite also holds true. A number of operators struggle to make the transition from regular house cleaning to bigger commercial services. And more often than not, there’s one reason for this: capital.

You see, if you want to tender for a bigger commercial job, even if your first big job is as a school janitor or cleaning your local sports club, you probably need some better equipment than what you’ve already got. Sure you can start off with just a few brooms, mops, dusters and vacuum cleaners, and they’ll get you enough to feed your family and pay the bills if you put in the work.

However, the time may come when you’d like to ramp things up a notch and tender for bigger jobs. To stand a chance, you’ll need heavy-duty equipment. But if you don’t have access to money to buy such equipment, you’re next best bet is an equipment loan.



Buying the Right Equipment

So what are your options when you want to add some industrial cleaning equipment to your toolbox? Sure, if you have the option of getting an equipment loan for your small cleaning business, it might be tempting to try for a loan that’s big enough to get everything you might need.

However, it’s always best to grow slowly and not overcommit yourself with repayments. Sure, you’ll get more business with the new machine, but you don’t want to be stuck with massive weekly repayments that mean you’re in a tight spot if something goes wrong. With this in mind, it may be best to just start with one or two items of heavy-duty equipment and pay them off before you get a third.

Fortunately, at Fincar, we can help you understand your financing options. The ultimate decision about new industrial cleaning equipment will rest with you, but here are a few suggestions to get you thinking:

  • Water blasters: Best used outside, these are great for cleaning off moss and mould on house exteriors as well as on driveways and patio areas.
  • Carpet cleaning machines: Deep cleaning carpets is one of those things that every household and every office should do annually, but carpet cleaning machines aren’t overly affordable for irregular use. This service is bound to be in demand. Look out for units that have spot cleaning and upholstery cleaning attachments to really broaden the spectrum of services you offer. These range from small pull-along machines (cheap) to large truck-mounted units (expensive).
  • Polisher/scrubbers: A must-have for anyone tendering for office or school cleaning contracts, as these places tend to have acres of hard flooring which needs to be scrubbed and polished on a regular basis.
  • Vacuum cleaners: We’re talking industrial strength vacuum cleaners here. One thing you might want to keep an eye out for is a wet/dry model, meaning that you can do wet areas as well as carpeted areas, or backpack models that make it easy for you to do stairs safely without lugging a heavy vacuum on wheels up behind you.
  • Chimney cleaning rods: People still have wood fires so chimney sweeps are in demand, especially in the cooler parts of the country.

Whatever you decide, don’t forget to talk to us before signing the dotted line for any loan.


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