What is a Novated Lease? Novated Lease Explained.

A novated lease is a particular type of finance lease used by individuals in Australia for the specific purpose of purchasing a new or used vehicle. Similar to a car lease, a novated lease in Australia involves obtaining finance for a new or used vehicle in return for regular repayments over a fixed period of time. The difference is that your employer agrees to make the payments out of your pre-tax salary through a novation agreement.

Therefore a novated lease is a three way agreement (called a ‘deed of novation’) – between you, the employee, the finance company and your employer. The employer must commit to making the novated lease repayments whilst you are employed by them, although if you cease employment, the vehicle ownership as well as the finance commitments remain with you.

Novated leasing has become increasingly popular in recent years as Australian companies move away from traditional company cars and look for more incentives for employees.

Benefits of Novated Leases

  • Greater flexibility with what choice of a car
  • Financing of the vehicle may be paid with pre-tax dollars
  • Option to own the vehicle at the end of the novated lease term
  • The vehicle may be leased for 100% private use in Australia
  • Time and costs associated with management and disposal of the vehicle are not the employer’s responsibility
  • On termination of the employees employment or novated lease, the responsibility of the vehicle is passed on to the employee shows commitment by the employee to his/her employer

Applying for a Novated Lease

Applying for a novated lease with Fincar is easy.  We do all the hard work for you, explain the process – can assist with selection of the right product for your requirements, prepare the all paperwork and submit it to the most appropriate novated lease Australia lender. As a broker we are not limited to any particular finance company in Australia – we can shop around for the lowest interest rate, help you avoid ‘hidden’ fees and charges and most of all prepare the paperwork with the minimum of fuss and maximum of professionalism.

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