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Just when we thought we were getting the hang of what was going to happen with the new fringe benefit tax system, and those of us who were lucky enough to go ahead and get a car through a novated lease scheme (thanks to our employers) were learning how to go about using logbooks, we had an election that resulted in a change in government. And the proposed changes to the rules which were anything but popular  were scrapped.

So, breathe a sigh of relief, everybody. Stop scratching your heads over how to fill out a logbook and working out what is and isn’t a business trip. We can all go back to using the most common method of calculating the fringe benefit tax we have to pay because we’ve got the perk of a car.

You won’t be the only people breathing a sigh of relief. The proposed rule changes were very bad news for Australia’s car sales industry, as a lot of business is created by our novated lease system. It ensures a lot of turnover  which isn’t just good news for car sales people but also for road safety and our car manufacturing industry. When people get a new car under a novated lease scheme fairly easily, this means that they’re less likely to stick with some old rustbucket that doesn’t have as many safety features as a new modern car. This means that Australia’s roads are more likely to have lots of safe cars with all the protective gadgets on them, which means safer roads and fewer accidents.

It’s also good news for smaller businesses and charitable organisations. Often, these employers want to keep hold of their best workers but don’t have the budget in place to provide other incentives and rewards. Including a car in the salary package is an easy way for these people to reward and retain the good people  it’s so much easier than trying to pay them more, which may be a disincentive for some employees, as it means that they pay much more tax when they pop over a certain threshold.

Of course, logbooks haven’t been scrapped altogether. Some people were on the logbook system before the proposed changes came in anyway. They’re still going to be doing things the same way, and are probably the only people who aren’t breathing a sigh of relief (but if you’re in this category, you can stop feeling smug).

Some people felt that the reaction from the car leasing and car sales industry was a bit over the top. After all, it’s not as though the proposed changes were planning to scrap novated leases altogether. Companies could still create salary packages involving new cars as a way of rewarding their best employees; the only real difference was that people were going to have to keep logbooks and use them to calculate the amount of fringe benefit tax they would have to pay. And after the initial shock and downturn, the car sales and lease industry would have bounced back once we were all used to the new way of doing things. But who’s to tell now? Who knows what would have happened?

The good thing is that we can now carry on as normal. And no matter whether you’re considering setting up a novated lease agreement or whether you’re just considering taking out a loan to buy a new car, we’re here to help you find what you need.

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