Fully maintained Operating Lease

FinCar offers an Operating Lease that is an off-balance sheet leasing option with the future residual asset risk remaining with leasing company. The product offers competitively priced passenger and light commercial vehicle leases, eliminates any maintenance risk and is tailored to match the vehicle usage.

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Make cost effective savings

FinCar’s leasing company can offer you many ways to minimise the costs associated with your fleet. Like the services offered to larger fleets, the leasing company takes care of all maintenance and administration considerations for you.

Key features:

  • No vehicle disposal hassles at lease end.
  • Fleet administration, including registration and CTP renewals.
  • Scheduled servicing and non-scheduled maintenance nationwide through our extensive network.
  • Blue Fleet Card (for fuel purchases).
  • Accident and claims management.
  • Management and statutory reporting.
  • Optional Comprehensive Insurance cover.
  • Ease of payment through our direct debit payment facility.

GST accounting is also made simpler with all vehicle expenses incorporated in a single monthly tax invoice/statement.

Minimise your risk

Budget forecasting is made easy with your rental payments fixed for the full term of the operating lease. When the lease term expires, you simply return the vehicle to the leasing company for disposal. Your business has no residual value exposure.

Accident and Claims Management

Providing comprehensive assistance in the event of vehicle accidents, FinCar’s fleet leasing company’s Accident and Claims Management service reduces the operating costs associated with motor vehicle repairs.

Operating throughout Australia, the features of this service include:

  • 24 hour toll-free Accident Assistance Hotline.
  • Free vehicle pick up and delivery throughout Australia.
  • Superior quality repairs.
  • Quotes assessed by independent assessors.
  • Full guarantee of all repair work.
  • Reduced repair times.
  • Assistance with completion and checking of claim forms.
  • Assistance in processing claims with insurers.
  • Estimate and assessment coordination.
  • Third party recovery service ? available at a fee of $250 per claim payable only if successful.

Comprehensive Insurance

Each vehicle must be comprehensively insured against damage of any kind. If you wish, FinCar can include comprehensive insurance as part of the operating lease rental (conditions apply, so please see your FinCar representative for full details).

Early return of vehicles

In the event of an early termination of your fully maintained operating lease a “Rental Adjustment” is required. This adjustment is simply a re-calculation to reflect the shorter lease term.

Excess Kilometres

If your vehicle reaches its kilometre limit before the term of the contract expires, you may (subject to FinCar’S leasing company’s approval) retain it via an excess kilometre arrangement. This would allow you to keep the vehicle for up to a maximum of 20,000km over the limit that was initially agreed upon.

FinCar’s leasing company’s excess kilometre rates are calculated on the basis of a fixed rate per kilometre and are dependent on the lease kilometre limit and type of vehicle. Should there be a larger variance in kilometres travelled, the lease company will recommend a lease variance.

However, if your vehicle only exceeds the agreed kilometre limit by up to 5,000km, there will be no charge. The lease company will provide a 5,000km excess kilometre charge buffer on all vehicles leased.

Fair wear and tear

As FinCar’s leasing company is the owner of the vehicle it must be returned upon completion of the lease term in an acceptable condition. This means, that the vehicle must be in good condition inside and out, in sound mechanical order throughout with regard to distance travelled and age of the vehicle. Accepting that some wear and tear will prevail, the leasing company absorbs up to $250 in repair costs before charging back for further damage to the vehicle.

The following damage will not be subject to a restoration charge:

  • Superficial scratches to paintwork.
  • Typical stone chipping to front and lower sides of the vehicle.
  • Stone chipping to headlight glass and indicator lenses (unless either is broken).
  • Stone chipping to windscreen unless cracking is already evident.
  • Superficial scratches and scuffs to bumper and plastic door strips.
  • Minor paint blemishes provided the vehicle has otherwise been well cared for.

Examples of unfair wear and tear include:

  • Bodywork – dents and impact damage, including kerbing damage to wheels and trim, and roof rack damage to roof and gutters.
  • Sub-standard accident repairs during the contract term (not arranged via our Accident and Claim Management plan).
  • Interior tear’s, rips, cuts, cigarette burns and irremovable stains.
  • Equipment – disfiguring marks resulting from the removal of fitted accessories.
  • Mechanical – mechanical damage which is due to driver neglect or abuse.
  • Missing items such as the spare wheel, tools, etc.

Registration Management

All the leasing company’s lease packages include the cost of initial registration and subsequent renewals for the period of the lease.

The leasing company completes the necessary forms and sends renewal labels to individual drivers, care of your nominated officer. The registration renewal cost (including CTP if applicable) is built into the rental at current cost, therefore any statutory increase on future renewals will be billed back to your monthly statement.

Vehicle Maintenance

Fully maintained rentals include full vehicle maintenance, which is carried out through our extensive national network.

Features include:

  • All manufacturer scheduled services, non-scheduled repairs (e.g. brakes, battery replacement, all mechanical drive train and automatic transmission repairs, electrical faults, exhausts and mufflers, wheel alignments etc.) notwithstanding driver abuse.
  • A nominated number of replacement tyres determined by the number of kilometres to be travelled (note: replacement tyres must be acquired through the leasing company’s nominated national suppliers).

Technical Assitance

Drivers experiencing vehicle problems that cannot be readily resolved during a scheduled service will be assisted by our Service Controllers.

Service Logistics

For the driver, organising scheduled vehicle services and having additional maintenance work done is easy: Each new vehicle is delivered with the leasing company’s Drivers’ Guide, which contains information on the service and maintenance procedures and accident management. All maintenance and repairs are authorised by our Service controllers via a 1300 phone number.

Fines and Fixed Penalties

As a result of legislative requirements, unresolved camera-detected infringements or parking fines can place our entire fleet (not just your own) in jeopardy of being deregistered. The leasing company is pro-active in forwarding camera-detected infringement notices to our clients.

It should be noted that:

  • In some states, camera detected infringements demand the provision of a Statutory Declaration nominating the driver of the vehicle. As we are unable to swear such a statement, it is our practice to refer the Issuing Authority to the client involved.
  • Upon receipt of parking fines, payment must be made by the driver. However, in the event of final demand, payment will be made by the leasing company and billed back to your company statement with an administration charge.

Fleet Management Reports

Standard management/statutory reports are available through the leasing company.

These include:

  • Schedule of Future Vehicle Terminations.
  • Future Rental Commitment Report.
  • FBT Reports for Taxation purposes.
  • Vehicle Analysis Reports, which provide comprehensive information on each vehicle in the fleet.
  • Fuel Management and analysis by fleet, driver and cost centre.

Card purchasing services

Blue Fleet Card

The purchase of fuel for a vehicle is a major consideration for businesses, since it can represent up to 60% of the running cost. The leasing company offers the ability to manage all fuel and oil purchases through our Fleet Card. This card provides the full range of fuel acquisition and reporting services, the Blue Fleet Card offers:

  • Automatic provision of competitive pricing through Ampol Caltex outlets either at pump price (in times of heavy discounting) or Ampol Caltex list price via its ‘compare’ facility.
  • The convenience of purchasing fuel at pump price through other multi-branded fuel outlets including Mobil, Caltex, Ampol, Safeway and Woolworths and other independent fuel outlets, ensuring total data capture, maximum productivity and convenience for drivers.
  • The simplicity of a single monthly statement with all fuel costs billed jointly via the leasing company’s Invoice/Statement allowing one easy direct debit payment per month.

Payment Terms

You will receive an invoice each month for reconciliation purposes. Through a Direct Debit facility, we debit your nominated account 20 days after the due date of the invoice/statement. Any invoice queries should be communicated to leasing company by the 15th day after the date of our invoice/statement. If your query cannot be dealt with immediately, query items will not be included in the debited amount until they are resolved, with no overdue interest being charged on them.

Vehicle Disposal

FinCar’s leasing company takes the hassle out of disposing of your leased vehicle – at the end of the term simply return it to the leasing company in good condition and we handle the rest.

For more information or to request a free, no obligation operating lease quotation, click here or call 1300 346 227 and speak with one of our expert finance consultants.