About Personal Car Loans

A car loan is a particular type of loan used for the specific purpose of purchasing a new or used vehicle.

As opposed to many personal loans, the car acts as security against the loan of the funds. This means that interest rates from lenders are generally more competitive as the risk of outright loss by the financier has been reduced.

By applying for a car loan, you are applying to borrow a sum of money for the explicit purpose of a vehicle purchase in return for regular repayments over an agreed time period.

Benefits of a Personal Car Loan

  • Anybody can apply for a car loan
  • Repayments can be structured to suit your needs
  • Interest rates for car loans are generally lower than for standard personal loans
  • You have the opportunity to build up equity in your vehicle
  • On-roads costs, insurance and other expenses may also be incorporated into the car loan
  • The car loan may be available with ‘no deposit’
  • Fixed and variable interest rates are available

Applying for a Personal Car Loan

Applying for a car loan with Fincar is easy. We do all the hard work for you – we can assist with selection of the right product for your requirements, prepare the all paperwork and submit it to the appropriate lender.

As a broker we are not limited to any particluar finance company – we can shop around for the best rate, help you avoid ‘hidden’ fees and charges and most of all complete the process with the minimum of fuss and maximum of professionalism.

Please click here to speak to one of our friendly consultants or to request a free, no obligation personal finance quote!