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OK, so you know about the benefits of owning a motorbike when it comes to personal use and pleasure. But what about using a motorbike for business purposes? If you’re part of a company which is looking to widen or upgrade its commercial fleet, have you stopped to wonder if motorbikes would make a useful addition to this fleet?

Of course, a motorbike may or may not be suitable to form part of a novated lease agreement, although this will depend on the employee you want to set up the agreement with. But you never know  some people love motorbikes and would consider this a real job perk. So, this is a matter for discussion and negotiation.

But what about the fleet proper rather than vehicles that are involved in novated leases? Will motorbikes work for your company? This will depend on your business, but in some cases, a motorbike has a few advantages over regular cars. Here are a handful:

  • Parking space: if your company building is located in the middle of the city or even if it’s in a business/commercial hub in the suburbs, you probably only have limited parking space dedicated to your team. Motorbikes will help you make the most of this limited parking space, as you can get two, three or even more motorbikes into the space taken up by one car.
  • Speed: Motorbikes can nip past queues of traffic and don’t add to congestion as much as cars. They’re also very manoeuvrable. If your business requires an employee to take paper documents, samples, small pieces of equipment and similar items across town, and you need to do this in a hurry, then motorbikes are just the thing for the job. What’s more, motorbikes don’t have the parking hassles at the other end when they’re doing the drop-off or pickup. There’s no spending time looking for a park, or hardly any, as it’s usually easy to find a space for a bike.
  • Economy: Motorbikes don’t use as much fuel as four-wheeled vehicles, especially in the case of small scooters and lighter bikes (large cruisers such as BMWs and Harley Davidsons are another story, but these are not very likely to be added to a commercial vehicle fleet  but you never know!). And if you get hold of electric bikes (i.e. battery powered bikes), the fuel bill is even lower. With the way petrol prices and even diesel prices are going, this is certainly worth considering.
  • Image: Motorbikes fit very nicely into the image of being energetic, funky, friendly and down-to-earth, and possibly a bit eco-friendly, too. These are qualities that a lot of companies would like to project, so this might be another reason to add them to your fleet.

Motorbikes don’t just have to be used for courier purposes by commercial companies. Other businesses can also make use of motorbikes: security work (especially if the job involves patrolling an area), deliveries of any sort (as long as the things to be delivered can fit into the pannier bags) and anything than involves house calls or face-to-face visits.

So will a motorbike suit your business? Well, that’s totally up to you, but if they are and you need finance to add them to your fleet, pick up the phone and have a chat.

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